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Water is the Most Important Resource in the World




...and Water is Vital for our Health

Water cannot be reproduced...
We are drinking the exact same water molecules
that Cleopatra, Napoleon & Pocahontas was drinking.

The Human Body is
over 65% of Water

A Newborn Baby
is 78% Water 

The Human Brain is
over 70% Water 

But There Are Big Issues...

Our Water is Damaged!

Poor Water Effects Many of Our In-Home Issues

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Dry Skin & Hair

Health Issues

Taste & Cooking

Clothing Damage

Cleaning Chores

Electrical Costs

Water Expense

Detergent Expense

Appliance Damage

We Have a Solution!

A Whole Home System

- We protect your family 
- We reduce your daily chores 
- We reduce your monthly utility costs

A 4-stage, computer controlled, stainless steel tank with a patented bacteriostat. Silver infused carbon, with high-tech synthetic resin and a polishing silicate clarifier.
Virtually maintenance free with a automatic regeneration backflow system. No cartridges or additional filters needed.
Protects every pipe, faucet, fixture and appliance in you whole home. Life time guarantee.

Water Filters, Water Purifier, Home Water Filtration System 

Plus... We offer a

Reverse Osmosis Unit

Ultra-pure consumption water. Improves the quality for coffee, tea and cooking use. The reverse osmosis system provides water to your refigeration providing pure, crystal-clear ice. Ideal for washing vegetables.
A special kitchen counter faucet for despensing the ultra-pure consumption & cooking water.
​​​​​​ Removes odors, color, rust, particles & sediments.
​​​​​​ Removes 99% of harmful contaminates (arsenic, viruses,   fluoride, cadmium, bacteria) and much more.

Our Service

​​​​​​ Free Consultation 
​​​​​​ Authorize consultant for in-home evaluation for proper recommendations. 
​​​​​​ Installation & Service 
​​​​​​ Licensed & Certified installation for whole home systems and reverse osmosis systems. 
​​​​​​ Accessable Support 
​​​​​​ We reply and respond within 24-hours. 
​​​​​​ To Call Us 
​​​​​​ or dial (336) 582-0473 

Take Advantage of Our Monthly Special!


Detergent Package

​​​​​​ The Soap Kit supplies a Full Year of Eco-Friendly detergents  & personal care items.


22 Piece Cookware

​​​​​​ 22 Stainless Steel elements with LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Our mission is to improve your health and protect your home to reduce monthly costs. Our FREE, (No Obligation) is to analyse your incoming water to determine your wishes and needs.


Aqua Silver Solutions
301 N Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
(336) 582-0473